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Hi, George Rasta here. I’ve been repairing golf clubs for over 30 years, and have been playing much longer. I’ve loved the game as a pre-teen, and have won many golf tournaments starting in my teens.

I understand how important maintaining and modifying clubs can be to improving your game and score. Call me to set an appointment. I do free pickup and delivery of full sets of clubs at some distance from my shop in Bellingham, Massachusetts.

Golf bag or shoes need repairs… I do that, too! 

Golf Club Repair Services

Re-grip Service for any Club
Reshafting Service for Irons, Woods, Bore-Thru, or Metal Wood
Remove Broken Shaft
Lengthen or Shorten Club Length
Change Swingweight

Change Loft / Lie on Iron
Remove Rattle from Head or Shaft
Repair Ferrule
Re-epoxy Head
Re-Chrome Shafted Iron

Tighten Loose Head
Metalwood Refinishing
Wood Head Refinishing
Restore Antique Clubs
Iron Re-Grooving Service

Repair Your Golf Clubs or Buy New Golf Clubs?

From the early days of golf, the quest for hitting the ball further and straighter has been the target for golf manufactures and players, alike.

As most of us know steel shafts were the greatest improvement for golf clubs and are still a factor today for mostly irons.

The next significant change was the introduction of the graphite shaft around 1972. The innovation of Titanium is great, it is light and strong and it makes it easier for the golfer to hit .

The driver head has finally hit a technological stand still. Irons have made no big leap. Be smarter and keep what you have. The manufacturers want you to think you have to buy the latest non-innovation every year.

Save your money. You can buy a demo club at a fraction of the cost for a new one and have it refinished. If you already have one and you have put ball marks, chips and scratches on it, have it refinished. If it is your favorite club, keep it.

Realistically, clubs don’t hit the ball straight and far. The golf swing does. A change of shafts can be beneficial.

Why waste your money buying new when Golf World Pro Shop can make your old look great and still perform as good as something new. For just a fraction of the cost of new clubs, yours too can be refurbished. Call George at 774-306-2030.

P.S. We repair golf bags and golf shoes, too!


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